Sunday, April 23, 2017

she's only 18

HEEEy!!!! me is back!! welcome to me purple swamp
longgggg time since my last post rite:") 
well, i just finished my 2nd term of collegeyYEYEYyeyeyYEY
gimme award pls

since i dont really enjoy talking about my college life
 (NOO!!it's great the poeple are so nice and super cool and supportive i luv me COLLEGE frends)
 but im becoming really tired everytime thinking about college 
because thEY ONLy give me 2 weeks of holiday smh

but it all ok! me is able to enjoi me life!^_^

Monday, December 26, 2016

fortune faded

It's been a long 4 months since the last time I wrote a serious blogpost:")

My first term in fashion design was....very busy.
I don't have time to be lazy, assignments keep pilling up and up...
 (and i failed drawing class already i crie)
(((i hate drawing subject ugh)))

and finally!! i got 2 weeks holiday:-) 
(public uni have like, 2months holiday and here i am regretting not applying for public uni)

But it's all ok:-) i'm gonna survive and stay sane for the next 2 years.

Finally I touched my camera:-) i really miss documenting what outfit i am wearing:-) my outfit game was super strong tho in college:-) (but i think i've been going to college without showering myself like...3-4 times this term lmao)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Dying my hair red like Miki Berenyi!

i don't have any camera anymore:(
(((my camera is left in my house i cri)))

so I want to share with you guys, I dyed my hair my dream color!
Just like Miki Berenyi, John Frusciante, and Gerard Way<3
(and other rockstars who dyed their hair red)


bye dull green hair!


it's my first time getting bleached full head...and i'm so fucking anxious..

I ACTUALLY LOOKING GOOD IN BLONDE HAIR??? btw, my hair just got bleached 1 time!'s so fucking dry;_;

tadah! I'm dying my hair red with orange on the tips~
I actually only want to dye my hair red but I think i might look like the traffic light, so I decided to tell the hairstylist to add some orange~


the stylist let me sit my ass down for 45-1 hour..

I hate sitting lonely in public place lol 



when I see the mirror for the first time i was like 'oh god now how the heck do i suppose to walk to campus tomorrow people gonna stare at me UGH' but then again 'well why the heck do i spend $$$ other than being stared to lol'

But finally! I feel like miki berenyi!:")

Bonus some hair inspiration photos~


See ya!
I'm planning on dying my hair like Flea next time, or Pink? I don't know!
but I heard dying blue hair can be a disaster...:)
so???? maybe...??

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Life in Pictures : August!

HI! I've been really busy since college just started
(and I already got 5 homeworks, FUCKING NICE<3)
What I learnt from my first 2 day of being design student is : it's fucking hard and you need to be fucking serious...ok..
(sorry for a lot of swearing BUT !!!!i can't help it)

Now, I'm living by my own in a smol rented-room (Or, kost) in Jakarta...
Y'know..I used to really waste food or waste my money on un-important things...but now, demn, i really regret i've ever did those things bc : 1. food is not cheap (esp. when u r a picky eater like me) is. not. cheap.
3. if you're still able to eat a lot of things in your house, don't waste it ok. 

so yea! here we go! my life in pics in August!

August 1 : Sending my Snail Mail!

so I got a penpal from US, I sent her a snail mail^^ I learnt shipping fee is a huge fuck-you to expensive...I can't ;_;

Sunday, August 21, 2016

heavenly nobodies

Hi! Back again with my outfit posts<3
I'm in the mood for bright colored things, because what doesn't scream more "summer!!' than bright colored outfits? Eventhough summer is ended in my country, we got weird weather, windy days, and rain!!!! ugh. I don't give a damn about weather...but just kinda ruin my mood.

But luckily today the weather was A-OK!<3
Sun is still there and not too bright, yet not really cloudy, perfect!